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Leading online companies proving continued growth of mobile

August 20th, 2012 by Talya

Executives of leading online companies recently spoke in Boston at the eTail Boston Mobile Shopping Summit about the importance of mobile as a traffic source and as a way to engage customers. The popular US online music site, Pandora shared case studies showing how customers shop online and in-store via mobile. Stats on the number of people who listen to music from Pandora on their mobile phones is also high, with 70% of their traffic coming from mobile devices this year (up from 12% two years ago). Also interesting is that Pandora users spend nearly 7 hours a month interacting with retail and shopping apps.

Online marketplace Etsy also joined the discussion about the importance of mobile in creating dialogue between consumers and brands. Etsy’s mobile site and iOS app were launched last year, and the company now sees 20% of its traffic coming from mobile devices. Many of these users are also accessing the site through social media outlets such as Facebook and Pinterest, so the connection between mobile, social media, and retail is very much there and will continue to expand as more companies reach out to consumers via mobile, since that is where so many people are (don’t forget that one in four mobile users may even be addicted to their mobile phones).

This is more evidence of the benefits of mobile, not only to directly advertise products via the mobile web and apps, but also to engage with current and potential customers. Read more about this on the Mobile Commerce Daily articles about Etsy and Pandora.




Half of U.S. mobile users are on the mobile internet

July 10th, 2012 by Talya

Mobile usage graphic

Back in March we wrote about an infographic we’d found showing that 25% of mobile web users in the United States browse the internet from their phones only, never using an actual computer to go online.

A more recent detailed study on mobile usage in the U.S. by the Pew Internet Project reveals similar findings, showing that more than half of mobile phone users in the US now go online via their mobile phones. The graphic above shows this data, with proof of the steady growth of mobile internet and email usage since 2009 (which, according to the study, was when the organization started following the data).

The study also shows that since 88% of American adults own mobile phones, the results is that 49% of all U.S. adults go online using a mobile phone, at least occasionally. This is huge, and again reveals just how massive the mobile web has become. So yes, mobile has indeed arrived, and it is time for advertising spend to catch up with where the people are (more on this in our current YouTube video about trends in the mobile industry).


Sponsormob Launches New Service to Help Mobile Advertisers Convert Impressions to Leads

May 22nd, 2012 by Talya

Sponsormob is launching a new service aimed at converting simple impressions into prequalified leads for mobile advertisers. The new service, known as “Call-Back,” allows mobile advertisers using Sponsormob’s mobile ad platform to generate call-back requests from mobile consumers interested in a product or service offering.

According to Peter Glaeser, CEO of Sponsormob, what consistently eludes many mobile advertisers is the ability to convert raw impressions into qualified leads which advertisers can close with a greater degree of predictability. “Call-Back is the next step in the evolution of mobile advertising as it strives to target customers with more precise product and service offerings,” Glaeser says. “Sponsormob can now deploy campaigns for advertisers targeting precise demographics down to the phone carrier, content, mobile device, location, and more. With deeper marketing intelligence, our Call-Back service has the potential to yield much higher consumer engagement and drive even more leads for advertisers.”

Glaeser cites an example of a telecommunications company seeking to expand its customer base in a particular geographic region. “Our advertising platform can target customers based on location, even ones on a competing mobile telecommunications carrier,” he says. “Based on our marketing intelligence and new Call-Back service, mobile advertisers can create highly targeted ad campaigns to drive phone interactions where consumers prequalify themselves in advance. Conversion rates for Call-Back are averaging 10% for confirmed calls,” Glaeser adds.

Sponsormob’s Call-Back was designed to be simple and direct, allowing users to request a call-back from the mobile advertiser with an additional step in the click-flow. Glaeser notes that there is also a double opt-in to ensure data security and guarantee that leads are genuine. “Because prequalified phone interactions have higher sales conversion rates than traditional telemarketing campaigns, Call-Back will have an immediate impact on a mobile advertiser’s ability to grow its customer base. Industries that have proven to be most responsive to targeted, high-touch campaigns are in finance, entertainment, telecommunications, fitness, and information-based services, such as consulting,” Glaeser adds.

MMA Smartgraphic and Mobile Addiction

May 10th, 2012 by Talya

MMA infographic

The MMA (Mobile Marketing Assocation) recently published an interesting and informative infographic about the frequent- and yes, sometimes even addictive – mobile usage of Americans. The ‘smartgraphic,’ titled Who’s Turning You On, shares the results of a survey of the mobile use among Americans, and there are some pretty interesting findings.

Out of those surveyed, nearly half of the users never turn off their mobile devices. Two thirds of respondents sleep with their mobile phones in or near their bed (guilty). Half of them check their phones at least once a night, and nearly 10% check their phones five times a night.

Perhaps the most interesting – or disturbing, depending on your perspective – findings are that over half of Americans take calls while using the bathroom, and 6% even take calls during sex. One quarter of them admit to being addicted to their phones, which is a bit surprising, as I would tend to think that only true mobile addicts take their phones with them to the bathroom … but who knows?

So yes, once again it is very clear that Americans – and more than likely not only Americans – are becoming wildly attached to their mobile devices. Do you agree? And just to be clear, we are not complaining!


ad:tech San Francisco 2012

April 16th, 2012 by Talya

We recently exhibited at ad:tech in San Francisco. Ad:tech is one of the leading events for digital marketing, and it takes place annually in cities such as London, New York, Sydney, and elsewhere. We’ve exhibited there several times and always enjoy a reason to go to sunny California. We were able to meet with several of our partners in the Bay area while we were there. As we are headquartered in Berlin, events are a great opportunity for us to have face-time with clients, as most of our communication is done remotely. Of course, meeting with clients will now be a lot easier, as we have a new office in Austin, Texas.

A highlight of this year’s event was having a ready-made stand that was built for us and ready to go at the start of the show. Our usual event prep includes climbing on chairs to put together a stand, and climbing on those same chairs to dismantle it and pack everything back up after the show. So showing up at the show with nothing to build was most definitely nice.  Another high point was, of course, the pub crawl. The pub crawl took place on-site, with several beer stations set up throughout the show floor. You can see photo of two of the Sponsormob team enjoying a beer, as well as other photos of the event on our Flickr page.


April 6th, 2012 by Talya

This year we will once again be exhibiting at Dmexco, Germany’s largest digital marketing event, which is held annually in Cologne. This year the event takes place September 12-13 at the Koelnmesse, and several of us from our Berlin headquarters will be there. We don’t yet have the stand number, but as soon as we receive detailed information from the event organizers, we will update you. In the meantime, mark your calendars and plan to be in Cologne in September!

… Update! We now have a stand number at Dmexco – you can find us at Hall 7, A026. Details can be found here.

Sponsormob Seeks Mobile Ad Growth in U.S. Market with Opening of Austin Office

March 28th, 2012 by Talya

Sponsormob will open an office in Austin, Texas, at the end of this month. The U.S. base of operations will focus on expanding the client base and management of current North American clients. Founded in 2006, Sponsormob is a leading provider of mobile advertising in Europe. The company has grown from a staff of three in 2009 to twenty-five full-time employees today and has doubled its profitability year on year since its founding. Advanced technologies such as Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) and Click-to-Call on mobile have led to the success of the performance-based advertising company, making it a key player in the European mobile marketing space. Steady growth since the company’s founding has also given it an enviable foothold in the fast-growing U.S. mobile advertising market.

Home to events such as South by Southwest and a thriving business community, Austin is an ideal location for the German-based company. According to Talya Shoup Burnett, Public Relations Manager for Sponsormob, “Austin is the obvious choice for us as a base in the U.S. It is a growing city with a lively start-up and tech scene. It also has a talented, skilled work force which is important to us as we grow. That Apple appears to be expanding its operations in Austin is proof that we have chosen a city with immense potential, so we are excited to have our base for US operations in the Texas capitol.”

The Austin office, which will open at the end of March, will be led by a team of two: Ilyssa Cohen, Account Director, and Brendhan Hight, Director of Business Development. Both Cohen and Hight have several years of experience in online and mobile marketing, having worked with companies such as Marchex and Cellit. They will train and lead the sales and account management teams, working directly with COO Jet Patel to expand and manage the company’s client base in the U.S.

According to Patel, the U.S. mobile market was too large to ignore for a technology innovator like Sponsormob. “With the mobile market in the United States expected to exceed $2 billion by year’s end,” says Patel, “opening a base in the U.S. made strategic sense for us. We are excited to have found two great leaders who will help us move forward over the upcoming months.” Based on recent revenue trends in the U.S and the worldwide mobile advertising market, Sponsormob expects to add several additional team members over the next 6 – 12 months. The new office will be located at the Arboretum Great Hills Center. The Austin contact will be Jet Patel, COO (jet@sponsormob.com).

High speed internet, the mobile web, and impatient people

March 14th, 2012 by Talya

mobile phone usage

We found an interesting infographic this week showing how instant gratification has become the norm,with people wanting things at increasing speeds. It is probably not news to anyone that people want things fast, but some surprising statistics show just how quick people expect things, especially when it comes to online and mobile internet use. The information is focused on the US, and it is no secret that Americans tend to be fast movers and impatient people, but it is safe to say that consumers outside the United States expect things fast as well, in this age of instant gratification.

Some very interesting facts are shown in the eye-catching infographic detailing impatience in online search (according to Google, if their search feature slows by a mere 4/10 of a second, the result is 8 million fewer searches) and customer service (the majority of American customers will not wait 15 minutes in a line), among other interesting factoids documenting people’s impatience.

Mobile internet usage seems no different, and mobile web users also want things done fast. According to the graphic, half of mobile users will abandon a page that takes longer than ten seconds to load. And 40% of mobile shoppers (and there are a lot of them!) will leave an e-commerce site that takes longer than three seconds to load. Considering the number of people using the mobile web to go online – stats show that 25% of mobile users in the US access the internet solely through their mobile devices – there are huge implications for advertisers, retailers, and agencies.

Be sure to check out the infographic and feel free to share your thoughts below on the need for fast-fast-fast in America and around the world.



Internet World Munich

March 12th, 2012 by Talya

Sponsormob will head south to Munich the end of this month to attend Internet World,  a conference for E-commerce being held March 27-28. The event takes place at the Internationales Congress Center München, and you can register for the event here. The focus this year is mobile commerce, with speakers discussing conversion optimization, social media, online marketing, and more. The two Sponsormob-ers attending the event will be Heiko Kasper, Director of Business Development, and Thuong Nguyen, Junior Sales Manager.

As always, we love to meet with anyone who will be at Internet World and is interested in discussing a possible partnership or finding out more about what we can offer – please contact us to schedule a meeting. Looking forward to it!

Sponsormob und RingRevenue kooperieren um mobiles Click-to-Call in den US-Werbemarkt einzuführen

January 31st, 2012 by Talya

Sponsormob, der deutsche Anbieter für mobile Werbelösungen, bietet nun in Zusammenarbeit mit RingRevenue, dem führenden Anbieter für Anruf-Performance in den USA, mobiles Click-to-Call für Werbetreibende an. Nachdem potentielle Kunden hierzulande seit Dezember 2011 die Möglichkeit haben, Werbeanbieter direkt über einen Klick mit einem Anruf über ihr Mobiltelefon zu erreichen, bietet Sponsormob diese Möglichkeit nun auch auf dem amerikanischen Markt an. Von diesem Angebot kann jedes Unternehmen profitieren, das mit Inbound-Anrufen arbeitet. Durch kampagnenspezifische Telefonnummern können Anrufe in Echtzeit getrackt werden und geben detailliert Aufschluss darüber, welche Werbung erfolgreich ist und zu Anrufen führt.

Click-to-Call-Werbung ist gerade für mobile Werbung ideal, da durch Inbound-Anrufe der Konsumenten höhere Konversionsraten erzielt werden. Interessierte Nutzer, die auf den Click-Button eines Banners oder einer Landing-Page klicken, werden automatisch mit einem Callcenter verbunden. Die Kombination aus dem Interesse, das dem Telefonanruf vorausgeht, und dem Gespräch mit einer realen Verkaufsperson, führt zu einer durchschnittlichen Konversionsrate von 30-50%, verglichen mit 1-3% bei einem Klick. Zudem zahlen Werbetreibende, dank des performance-basierten Geschäftsmodell von Sponsormob, nur für die Anrufe, die ihre Kriterien erfüllen. Das führt zu optimierten Werbekosten  und zu besseren Erträgen.

„Sponsormob ist ein kompetenter Partner auf dem Gebiet der mobilen und performance-basierten Werbung. Für diesen Mobile-Sektor prognostiziert Forrester Research ein jährliches Wachstum von 38% in den nächsten 5 Jahren. Das zeigt deutlich, dass Werbetreibende in Zukunft große Teile ihres Budgets nutzen werden, um diesen Werbekanal zu monetarisieren“, sagt Jason Spievak, CEO bei RingRevenue. „Einen Anruf zu tätigen ist eine der natürlichsten Handlungen, die ein Nutzer auf seinem Mobiltelefon ausführt. Anrufe haben sich außerdem als einer der effektivsten Wege erwiesen, mobile Werbung zu monetarisieren – insbesondere im Dienstleistersektor.“ Es hat sich gezeigt, dass besonders Unternehmen in der Service-Branche erfolgreich mit mobilem Click-to-Call arbeiten. Dies umfasst Bank-und Finanzdienstleistungen, Rechtsberatung, Versicherungen und Bildungsangebote.

In RingRevenue, als erfahrener und führender Anbieter von performance-basierter Anruf-Werbung, hat Sponsormob den idealen Partner für den Launch dieses neuen Angebotes gefunden. Über die Kooperation und die neuen Click-to-Call-Angebote sagt Jet Patel, COO bei Sponsormob: „Wir freuen uns, dass wir RingRevenue für diese Zusammenarbeit gewinnen konnten und unseren Advertisern auf dem US-Markt so die besten Möglichkeiten bieten können, Nutzer mobil zu erreichen. Das mobile Internet ist ein, sich rasant veränderndes Feld und gerade Click-to-Call bietet hier großes Potential.

Sowohl Sponsormob, als auch RingRevenue werden an der diesjährigen LeadsCon in Las Vegas, eines der wichtigsten Events für die Generierung von online-Leads, vom 28. bis zum 29. Februar teilnehmen. Vertreter beider Unternehmen werden auf der Konferenz und der Ausstellung anzutreffen sein, um mobiles Click-to-Call und Anruf-basierte Werbemöglichkeiten zu besprechen. Sie finden Sponsormob am Stand Nr. T-17 in der Messehalle der LeadsCon.