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Sponsormob stellt alternative Tracking Technologie für iOS vor

April 3rd, 2012 by Talya

Als Antwort auf die Veränderungen in den Zulassungsbestimmungen, die Apple für das Tracking bei iOS festlegt, hat das Berliner Unternehmen Sponsormob einige Umstellungen vorgenommen. Das Tracking basiert nun auf einer verschlüsselten Version der MAC (Media Access Control)-Adresse. Diese Trackingform ersetzt die bisherige Übertragung der UDID (Unique Device Identifier) bzw. Gerätenummer.

Apple hat kürzlich die Bedingungen unter denen Apps im App Store getrackt werden dürfen verändert. Das Unternehmen lässt keine neuen Anwendungen zu, die Daten durch UDID-Nummern tracken. Bereits bestehende Apps sind von dieser Regel ausgenommen. Neue, oder upgedatete Apps benötigen jedoch eine alternative Trackingmethode um im App Store gelistet zu werden.

Peter Glaeser, CEO bei Sponsormob sagt dazu: “Wir begrüßen diese Änderung, da wir ohnehin zu keiner Zeit unverschlüsselte UDID-Nummern genutzt haben.” Er betont: “ Bei Sponsormob werden Daten anonym getrackt, da wir großen Wert auf die Sicherheit der Privatsphäre unserer Nutzer legen und kein Interesse daran haben, spezifische Details über einen Nutzer zu erfahren.” Dies war ein Nachteil an den bisher üblichen UDID-Trackingnummern, die in seltenen Fällen missbraucht wurden, um Nutzerdaten zu tauschen und zu sammeln.

Durch die neue Technologie ist Sponsormobs Tracking so anonym und sicher, wie es immer war. Dennoch kann das Unternehmen weiterhin optimal gezielte Mobile-Werbung liefern.

Sponsormob Introduces Alternative Tracking Technology for iOS

April 3rd, 2012 by Talya

In response to the change in Apple’s tracking approval requirements, Germany-based Sponsormob has adapted its system to track apps through the use of an encrypted hash of the device’s MAC (Media Access Control) address. This tracking method replaces that of tracking the device’s UDID, its “Unique Device Identifier” or serial number.

Apple recently changed the basis on which apps can be tracked in the app store. The company no longer approves new apps that are tracked with the device’s UDID to track apps. Existing apps are not affected, but new apps and apps that are updated will need an alternative method of tracking in order to be approved by Apple for listing in the app store.

Sponsormob CEO, Peter Glaeser, says, “We at Sponsormob welcome this change, as we never used unencrypted UDIDs to track apps. Within the Sponsormob network, user data is tracked anonymously, as we place an emphasis on the privacy of user information and are not interested in the specific details of each individual user.” In some cases, UDID tracking has been misused to collect and exchange user data.

Through its new technology, Sponsormob’s tracking is as secure as it was before, and the company can continue to provide highly targeted advertising on mobile to its clients.

Sponsormob Benefiting from In-House Tracking System

February 29th, 2012 by Talya

The issue of companies in digital media possessing and benefiting from their own ad-serving and tracking technology has recently been widely discussed. Reliance on third-party software, while somewhat easier on the front end, can result in larger problems down the road. According to Peter Glaeser, CEO of Sponsormob, “Companies need their own tracking software. I would never run an affiliate network without an in-house system.”

Sponsormob is one of the companies in the online advertising business which owns and operates its own technology. Sponsormob’s proprietary mobile advertising technology, which sets its network apart and keeps ads running efficiently, ensures that it is not reliant on another company for ad serving and tracking. While companies with their own technology do experience occasional difficulties, sufficient backup files keep outages and problems under control.

Sponsormob runs the real-time bidding, ad delivery, tracking and reporting as separate software on separate hardware. If there is a database issue with the reporting system the real-time bidding for ads and the tracking of impressions, clicks, and transactions will not be affected. The system continues delivering ads and collecting data and updates the database once it becomes available again.

Servers are load-balanced, so if one piece of hardware stops running for whatever reason the requests will be distributed to the remaining machines. Furthermore, Sponsormob runs its systems on hardware in the United States and Germany. In the unlikely event of a complete outage of one data center the second one can take over.

FAQs from Affiliates – Sales

November 5th, 2010 by Talya

Time for today’s list of questions that we hear from our affiliates. These questions are regarding sales that are generated by affiliates – codes, payouts, and the like.

1. Are the codes in my account really just for me?

Yes, they are your unique affiliate codes. Your publisher ID is included in your codes for tracking purposes; this enables us to give you credit for sales that you generate.

2. How does Sponsormob guarantee that sales will actually be credited to my account?

The codes in your URLs are set with your publisher ID and keep track of sales that you generate, so you can be sure that your sales are accounted for.

3. Why are some sales in “pending” status?

Advertisers sometimes keep sales in pending status for a certain length of time (exactly how long depends on the advertiser and can range from 7 days to 90 days, depending on their policy). This is usually done to ensure that the purchase actually goes through, and that the user has funds to cover it. Once it is cleared by the advertiser, the sale will then be confirmed and credit given to you.

4. Why have some sales in my account been deleted?

Sometimes a pending sale is unable to be confirmed, and it then gets deleted. This usually happens because there were not sufficient funds to cover the sale, making it unable to be confirmed by the advertiser.

Only rarely is a “confirmed” sale deleted, and this usually happens if the advertiser discovers the transaction was fraudulent. In this case, your account manager will contact you personally to explain the situation.

5. Where can I see if I have generated any sales?

Affiliates can find all information concerning their sales and campaigns in our reports, which are found when they log in to our system.

As always, please contact our Affiliate Manager, Jenny Ibsch (jenny@sponsormob.com), if any of this is unclear or you have further questions.

Interview at ad:tech San Francisco 2010

May 10th, 2010 by Peter

We would like to invite to listen to an interview with us at the recent ad:tech San Francisco. WebmasterRadio asked us about mobile cost-per-acquisition advertising and download tracking for iPhone apps.

Listen: Sponsormob on WebmasterRadio.fm

Download Tracking for Apple iPhone Apps

February 16th, 2010 by Peter

We are pleased to announce the release of our conversion tracking for Apple iPhone. Sponsormob can now also track downloads of applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and the soon-to-be-released iPad. This enables iPhone app publishers to promote their products world-wide through Sponsormob on a risk-free cost-per-download basis.

At Sponsormob we have observed a clear trend in mobile downloads moving away from third-party content providers towards application stores run by device manufacturers. Famous examples are the Apple App Store, Google’s Android Market, and the Nokia Ovi Store. We are sure this trend will continue in the next years. So we are gearing up for the new way of content distribution to mobile devices.