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We simplify the Mobile Marketplace
Heiko Kasper - International
Email: heiko@sponsormob.com
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Choose Sponsormob to deliver your mobile conversions.

We simplify the Mobile Marketplace to offer Advertisers low-risk, targeted advertising on mobile devices and drive performance. Our unique ad-serving and tracking system ensures that your ads are seen by the right people for optimal results.

Using RTB, we optimize the data generated which enables us to deliver optimal conversions with service to match, making Sponsormob a proven leader in Mobile Performance Advertising.

We simplify the Mobile Marketplace so Advertisers can work with one Partner, saving time, money and resources. Additionally, we are an independent service provider and you have the ability to successfully scale your Mobile Advertising efforts and reach with us.


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Conversions beyond initial engagement

Choose our Mobile Conversion Solutions:


Target your Audience

Our targeting technology ensures that we only deliver ads to the relevant audience.

Device, Time, Language, Demographic, Location, Operator, Platform

Sponsormob have launched Splicky, our new mobile demand side platform. We now also offer Advertisers and Agencies the option to buy targeted and transparent mobile traffic using RTB with an easy to use self-service platform.

Access over 2m+ mobile websites and apps and place bids on a CPM or CPC in real-time. Run full rich-media campaigns on premium inventory.

To find out more, contact us below or visit www.splicky.com.

Mobile marketing with Sponsormob offers
  • Worldwide reach to billions of mobile users
  • Partnership with experienced mobile marketing specialists
  • Transparent, measurable marketing
  • Real-Time-Bidding campaign management and optimization

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