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Jenny Ibsch
email : jenny@sponsormob.com

Partner with Sponsormob to maximize your earnings

Whether you are an Ad Network, RTB, DSP or an Affiliate Partner - we are happy to work together with other networks and platforms and discuss how we can benefit from a partnership through using an API or full integration services

Benefits of joining:

  • We produce high earnings per Mille (eCPM)
  • We offer you a wide variety of brand and performance campaigns
  • Statistics broken down by country, handset, carrier, operating system, and subIDs
  • Statistics are updated on an hourly basis
  • Fast, unique, and transparent reporting
  • Flexible tracking, with server-to-server tracking or storing of our publishers’ standard image tag pixel
  • Partnership with dedicated campaign managers who will help you succeed


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Frequently Asked Questions
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Will commission be automatically be credited to my account?
Is my personal and business information safe with Sponsormob?
What is the difference between web and wap offers?
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