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Whether you are an Ad Network, RTB, DSP or an Affiliate Partner - we are happy to work together with other networks and platforms and discuss how we can benefit from a partnership through using an API or full integration services

Benefits of joining:

  • We produce high earnings per Mille (eCPM)
  • We offer you a wide variety of brand and performance campaigns
  • Statistics broken down by country, handset, carrier, operating system, and subIDs
  • Statistics are updated on an hourly basis
  • Fast, unique, and transparent reporting
  • Flexible tracking, with server-to-server tracking or storing of our publishers’ standard image tag pixel
  • Partnership with dedicated campaign managers who will help you succeed

Jenny Ibsch
Email: jenny@sponsormob.com


Company Presentation for Publishers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to enter a tax ID/VAT number when I apply for an affiliate account?

This is information we are required by European law to have from our partners. For those who are outside Europe or who are not set up as a business with a tax ID, then it is acceptable to use your social security number in place of the tax ID. If you are located within Europe, then a VAT number is necessary. You can apply for this number for free in your home country.

When is commission paid out to affiliates?

We send our affiliates their commission at the beginning of each month. Most affiliates are paid once a month, but payment is possible up to three times a month, in the cases of affiliates with high traffic volume.

Is there a minimum payout for affiliates?

The minimum commission amount to be paid out can be found in our terms and conditions and is currently set at 50 Euros. This means that in order to receive payment from us, there has to be a minimum amount of 50 Euros in the account. If that minimum has not be reached for the month, then it will stay in the affiliate’s account and be paid out as soon as the minimum is met.

How does Sponsormob guarantee that sales will actually be credited to my account?

The codes in your URLs are set with your publisher ID and keep track of sales that you generate, so you can be sure that your sales are accounted for.

Will commission be automatically be credited to my account?

Yes, it will.

Is my personal and business information safe with Sponsormob?

Yes, it is. Our partners’ information is only for internal purposes and is not forwarded to any third parties.

What is the difference between web and wap offers?

Web offers are for the traditional web and wap offers are optimized for mobile devices.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do. Publishers can earn lifelong commissions by referring other publishers to our network. Publishers earn 2.5% commission on the sales of publishers they refer to us. More information can be found here.