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Over five years ago Sponsormob launched the first global performance-based network for the mobile advertising channel. That was before Android even existed. Back then mobile advertising was dominated mostly by lead offers and the number of advertisers looking for mobile traffic was relatively low.

The mobile advertising landscape has changed. Lead offers are now competing with advertisers looking to promote their mobile applications or local services over the same traffic. Also more and more brands are coming into the mobile game to address audiences that they cannot reach effectively through print, radio, television or even the desktop online world.

The Sponsormob mobile CPA network continues to generate consistent conversions for our advertisers and great payouts for our affiliates. But you may have noticed that it’s become a little quiet around Sponsormob in the past six months. We took the time to step back a little bit and create a new product to address the ever-changing needs of our advertisers.

In the next weeks we will be launching SPLICKY, our demand-side platform (DSP) for the mobile channel. It is targeted not only at direct advertisers but also agencies and affiliate marketers wishing run their mobile campaigns while maintaining full control over their budget and traffic sources.

Splicky is a pay-as-you-go system, you will be very familiar with the set-up process. You create an account, upload funds, create your campaigns, and you are live. Clients with consistent larger budgets also have access to managed services through one of our licensed vendors.

We are operating Splicky in conjunction with Jaduda, a Berlin-based mobile advertising agency. This partnership allows us to combine our publisher inventory and technical infrastructure with Jaduda’s behavioral targeting capabilities. Every second we process thousands of ad impressions and every single impression receives a customized value based on aggregated trends and personalized behavioral data in real-time. We are processing seriously big data using 100% in-house technology.

You are welcome to participate in our open beta test starting around mid July. If you are interested please visit and pre-register.

Sponsormob thoroughly understand the need of Advertisers when integration of tracking solutions is discussed. To underline our flexibility, we now support popular 3rd Party Tracking partners including HasOffers and Ad-X. More tracking providers will be added in the coming months, including Adeven which will be available very soon.

What does this mean? It means Advertisers can save time without the need to integrate multiple tracking SDK’s and Sponsormob is now able to work with selected 3rd-party tracking providers. Continue to stay independent with tracking and let Sponsormob drive your conversions accurately.

If you plan to be attending M-Days in Frankfurt 5th-6th February 2013, feel free to email ( Heiko Kasper, our Business Development Director for more details.

Ad:tech New York is coming up again very soon, and we will once again be a part of it. We had a great time at the event last year – of course, as it’s hard not to have fun in New York City! This year, our VP of Business Development, Brendhan Hight, will be heading to the Big Apple for the conference and trade show taking place the beginning of November.

Ad:tech has always been one of our most successful events, so we are happy to be making it there again this year. If you will be in New York for ad:tech and would like to meet up with Brendhan to find out more about what we can offer in terms of mobile advertising solutions, please email him to set up a time and place to meet.

See you in the city that never sleeps!

Event details:

Date: November 7-8
Location: Javits Center, New York City
Register here


A report was published recently by app marketing company Trademob stating that 40% of all clicks on mobile ads are either fraudulent or accidental. The study analyzed six million clicks from mobile devices, suggesting that pay-per-click fraud is fairly widespread in mobile. Of the fraudulent clicks, over half of them were found to be client-side fraud or clicks from botnets, and the rest were a result of server-side fraud, where publishers tell servers to report clicks that were never actually made.

While fraudulent clicks are a nuisance, they do not have to be problematic, as there are ways to ensure that the clicks counted are legitimate clicks. First, when advertisers work on a performance basis, they pay only for successful leads or sales (such as a download, subscription, etc.), and are not charged on a per-click budget. With this model, companies and service providers are only charged when an action was taken after an ad or landing page was clicked on, making fraudulent clicks irrelevant.

Another way to keep fraudulent clicks from being an issue is to work with advertising partners who ensure that only genuine clicks are counted. When running CPC campaigns with us at Sponsormob, for example, advertisers are only charged for unique clicks (which are counted based on a 24-hour time frame). This way an advertiser is not charged for any fraudulent clicks being generated manually or by machines, ensuring that only actual clicks are counted.

Basically, in either case – in performance campaigns or with CPC campaigns, fraudulent clicks are not a huge issue. We’d be interested in hearing from others on this – what is your experience with fraudulent clicks? What other ways are there for advertisers to ensure they only pay for real clicks?

One of the largest events in affiliate marketing is coming up the beginning of next year. Affiliate Summit West, one of the leading events in affiliate marketing (if not the leading event) will take place January 2013, once again in Las Vegas at the famous Caesars Palace. This event is likely to be big again this year, and as so often happens, the Meet Market space (the exhibition segment of the conference) has already completely sold out.

Affiliate Summit was founded in 2003 and started out as a small event for those in affiliate marketing to network and learn how to succeed. What began as small a conference with just a few hundred attendees has turned into one hosting several thousand visitors two to three times a year.

This year our Vice President of Business Development, Brendhan Hight, who is based in our Austin (TX) office, will be in Las Vegas for the event (yeah, lucky him!). So if you are planning to be in Vegas for Affiliate Summit and would like to learn how you can partner with Sponsormob, please shoot Brendhan an email to set up a time meet up. And we of course look forward to seeing you there!

Event details:

Date: January 13-15, 2013
Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
More information here

We recently exhibited at Dmexco in Cologne and were also happy to be a part of the launch of the book, Leitfaden Digitaler Dialog, published recently by Marketing Börse. Our Sarah Christiansen and Heiko Kasper were authors of a chapter in the book on mobile marketing, sharing their thoughts and experience in mobile advertising. In their article, they cover the basics of mobile advertising, including how ads are served on mobile devices, opportunities in mobile, best practices in mobile advertising, and much more. And as the article spans 20+ pages, readers will more than likely learn a bit more than just the basics …

The book is one of several in a series called Leitfaden WOM Marketing, which offers tips and advice for companies on reaching customers through digital channels. The books cover monitoring and optimization of digital marketing, email communication, as well as mobile and social media, and are authored by various experts in the field of online and mobile advertising.

Here are photos of the book launch party at Dmexco, where you can see Sarah grinning and drinking champagne, obviously proud of the hard work she put into the article!

Having been in the Mobile Advertising space since 2006, we have seen the industry change, grow and develop into an advanced Marketing channel for Advertisers both on a performance and branding level.

A few notable changes include the strong emergence of targeting capabilities, increase in smartphones and tablet usage, significant marketing budgets rapidly moving towards mobile, popularity in Rich Media Ads and the mass consumption of Apps and the Mobile Internet with consumers.

Sponsormob’s core business has always focused on optimizing and managing traffic sources to deliver the best possible performance for our partners. This will continue to be a key pillar in our future.

Whilst there is still a demand for full managed performance-based campaigns, we have seen the mobile landscape change dramatically over the past 12 months. Many Advertisers have requested access to our advanced optimization tools in combination with even greater flexibility and transparency to manage their respective campaigns.

This brings a greater emphasis on technology and as a result we are restructuring our team to suit.

Our new product is code-named “mayan code”. Having been in development for nearly 1 year, we will be able to offer a fully self-serviced platform with full-transparency, accurate targeting, reach, efficiency, conversion tracking with clear analytical reporting.

As of Q4 2012 we are moving into our testing phase and we would like to offer you the opportunity to apply to be a beta tester – please email to register your application for consideration.

According to the Mayan calendar, 12/21/12 is the end date of the world. For Sponsormob, it will be the beginning of a new era in Mobile Advertising.

screenshot publisher interface

We are very happy to let you know that we just updated our publisher interface, offering a fresh look and some new features for our affiliates and publishers. There are some great changes and additions we’ve made to our system, making it easier for publishers to set up and promote successful campaigns.

Here are some of the new features:

  • new design
  • improved navigation
  • new placeholders to improve tracking
  • new FAQ section (with more info to come!)
  • mobile optimized for your smartphone

We will continue to add new features over the upcoming weeks, so please tell us if there is anything you, as a publisher, would like us to make available. And as always, if anything is unclear or you come across any technical difficulties, contact your Account Manager. We try our best to to fulfill the needs of our partners!


Earlier this week, we gave you a brief overview of our experience at Dmexco in Cologne. Today, we are going a bit more in depth with a post-event interview with our Director of Business Development, Heiko Kasper. Enjoy!

Heiko, this was the sixth time you’ve been to Dmexco. What has changed over the years?
Heiko: The event has become much more international and the focus is now more about business and less about keeping the visitors entertained, as it was in previous years. The visitors for the most part are decision makers who are really interested in new products. With 22,000 visitors from all over Europe, we can now see that Dmexco isn’t only a leading event for digital marketing within Germany, but for the industry as a whole throughout Europe.

What role did mobile play at this year’s Dmexco?
You could definitely see that mobile is the advertising channel of the future and has therefore become one of the most important marketing tools of companies exhibiting at Dmexco. But although there are quite a few service providers talking about mobile, we will have to wait and see if they are really offering it, as there is still only a small number of specialists in this industry.

What do you see as the three biggest trends in advertising?

  1. The growing importance of measurable advertising
  2. Mobile video ads
  3. Real-Time-Bidding for mobile

What is one thing that you really liked about the event this year?
The quality of the visitors and the exhibiting companies was great. In addition to the meetings we had arranged leading up to the event, the people who stopped by our stand were also very interested in mobile advertising and really wanted to get started in this space.

How do you think the mobile advertising space will change between now and the next Dmexco? Which themes will be discussed September 2013?
We’ll have to see actually, but I can imagine that contextual ad formats, specifically in social media, will become more important. The best advertising service providers will also be those who have the best technology and the most transparency for their clients.

Will you also be taking part in Dmexco again next year?
Of course!